Alterview Report 360 for NetSuite


Create advanced PDF-document based on any standard or custom tables faster than ever with Alterview Report 360. Include graphs, images, logos and aggregated data from multiple searches into one layout can now easily be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Purchase Alterview Report 360 to access all prebuilt reports or build your very own report from any NetSuite table.

The price is a yearly subscription fee for NetSuite OneWorld accounts with full Create/Edit/Run-functionalities for an unlimited number of users (with a full money back guarantee for 30 days).


Alterview Report 360 for NetSuite
Have you ever dreamed of the possibility to quickly create advanced PDF-documents from any table in NetSuite, without any JavaScript programming skills? We can offer a powerful reporting tool, built for NetSuite, which makes this possible – Alterview Report 360!

Up to 10 times faster
In just a few hours an advanced PDF-document based on one or several tables can be created by business consultants or by the customer’s own superusers. To aggregate data from multiple searches into one layout could previously take several days for a developer, but can now easily be accomplished in a few hours.

Create PDF-documents or run prebuilt reports
In addition to building your very own PDF-documents, the Alterview Report 360 also provides several prebuilt reports, ready to run as is. Among the prebuilt reports (listed below) you’ll find PDF-documents covering Customers, Vendors, Projects, Sales, Item datasheet and Marketing Campaigns. New PDF-documents are continuously added to the library of prebuilt reports. Use the prebuilt reports as is or adjust them to make them fit your business requirements perfectly.

  • Customer 360: Provides a complete overview of your customer, including activity- and sales statistics.
  • Customer Statement: Provides a transaction overview for your customer, including an aging overview.
  • Sales Rep 360: Lets you follow up on your sales team with information about activity- and sales statistics.
  • Item Datasheet: Provides detailed information of your items, including sales description and prices.
  • Marketing Campaign Information: Provides an overview of your campaign, with schedule and statistics.
  • Project Status Report: Provides a complete overview of your project, with progress statistics and resources.
  • Support Report: Gives you an overview of your support cases for a particular customer.
  • Vendor Statement: Provides a transaction overview of your vendor, including an aging overview.


The solution only uses its own tables and files and does not affect other NetSuite tables or configurations in the system. In other words, you can feel confident that this installation does not cause any problems in other parts of the system.

Price information
Licenses for Alterview Report 360 are company licenses for an unlimited number of users. No named users, anyone who you give permission within your NetSuite-roles can build/modify/run PDF-printouts. The Alterview Report 360 license for NetSuite also include rights to install the solution in Sandbox accounts.


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