Add 50 extra users


Add additional users to your Alterview SuiteApps by purchasing one of the favorable Add extra users packages.

5 extra users at 6 USD/month per user: 360 USD
25 extra users at 5 USD/month per user: 1500 USD
50 extra users at 4 USD/month per user: 2400 USD
100 extra users at 3 USD/month per user: 3600 USD
500 extra users at 2 USD/month per user: 12000 USD

The price is a yearly subscription fee for 50 extra users.

Please note you need Alterview Kanban for NetSuite, Alterview Charts or Alterview Navigator in order to purchase this product.

The extra users are valid for all of your purchased Alterview SuiteApps.


Kanban is a way for teams and organizations to visualize their work and achieve operational improvements.

The Alterview Kanban for NetSuite is a very powerful tool that enables a more efficient way of working for you and your team, regardless business function. We cover CRM, Sales, Project Management and the Support module in predefined Kanbans, but you can easily configure your very own process on any NetSuite table to support your way of working with NetSuite.



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