Alterview Charts for NetSuite



Alterview Charts for NetSuite includes predefined charts for each available chart type, ready to run on your NetSuite dashboard instantly. The predefined charts provide KPIs for a variety of areas and are ready to be used as is. Alternatively, use the predefined configurations as inspiration when building your very own charts.

The price is a yearly subscription fee and includes 5 users.
(With a full money back guarantee for 30 days)




This native SuiteApp provides your NetSuite account with a library of brand new chart types. The data for each chart is collected via one or multiple saved searches. In other words, you are now able to visualize your data in the best possible way!

Make the right decisions for your business
The charts can be published on any dashboard in your NetSuite account, whether it’s your home dashboard or the customer dashboard. Charts can even be placed in your forms! Visualizing your data in charts on your selected dashboards will provide a real-time overview of your business, enabling you to make informed decisions at any given time.

Drill-down into the Saved Search
Each chart provides the possibility to drill-down into the saved search from which the data is collected, meaning you can always reach the details behind the chart!

Alterview Charts Professional Edition
In the Professional Edition of Alterview Charts, the SuiteApp Alterview Navigator is included. The Navigator is a filter portlet on the dashboard enabling you to filter down the content in the charts, by adding extra criteria to the saved searches in the background.